New Restaurant Reviews

New Restaurant Reviews

Peg Beer Co

The flood of new craft breweries putting our city awash in local suds has made this the year of beer in Winnipeg. While interest in local beer has been steadily growing for years, one of the first restaurants to capitalize on the brewpub concept in Winnipeg was Peg Beer Co.

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Across the Board

In the current age of smartphones and instant entertainment, cafes remain bastions of face to face fun. At the newly expanded Across the Board Cafe, analog entertainment isn’t going anywhere.

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Falafel Place

In the yearly surge of trend forecasts that hit at the end of 2016, it was clear that the food world had spoken—Middle Eastern flavours are hot right now. While chefs are busy incorporating za’atar and zhoug into their dishes, flavours from the Middle East are easy to find in the humble, bustling atmosphere of Falafel Place, where owner Ami Hassan has served heaping plates of flavourful falafel, meaty pitas, and spicy baba ghanoush for decades.

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Park Cafe

Set inside the beautiful Qualico Family Centre, with its wall of windows giving a lush view of Assiniboine Park, dining at the Park Cafe is as close to a picnic as one can get while still eating indoors.

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Pineridge Hollow

To pull off truly impeccable regional cuisine, two elements must be at play—a commitment to and understanding of the land and the creativity to transform every ingredient into a culinary masterpiece. At Pineridge Hollow, where ingredients can come not only from within the province but from the garden mere steps away (eat your heart out, 100 mile diet), the merging of these two passions is evident.

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