New Restaurant Reviews

New Restaurant Reviews

Clay Oven

Like the wood fired pizza oven or the Brazilian churrascaria, the tandoor is a tool singular to its cuisine. At Clay Oven, char-touched, blistered flatbreads and smoky curries show that traditional Indian cooking methods inspire more than the name.

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Asian Hot Pot

Hot pot is a traditional dish believed to have originated Mongolia, and popularized in China,Thailand, Japan. The basic premise is simple: a boiling pot of stock to which a variety of ingredients can be added, crafting and instant and every changing soup. Like fondue or Korean barbeque, this cook at the table treat brings the action out of the kitchen and allows diners to customize their own dinners.

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Bison Berry Restaurant

Breaking bread is the easiest way to create a community—there’s nothing like coming together over a warm, steaming bowl of food. At Bison Berry Restaurant in Neechi Commons, this community ethos becomes the basis for a filling, comforting menu of North End classics.

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For more than a decade, Blüfish has been an oasis of relaxed, sophisticated cool in the Exchange District. High quality ingredients make this a spot for sushi purists looking for traditional delights, but the other side of the menu offers playful specialties, with unexpected ingredients and creative flavour pairings.

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Khao House

So called “comfort food” has taken over the food world in recent years. Yet the conception of what constitutes a crave-able dish has begun to change; veggies can be just as indulgent as carbs and gooey melted cheese. Kicky spice and funky fermentation have been invited to the party.

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