New Restaurant Reviews


New Restaurant Reviews

Cocoabeans Bakeshop

Dietary restrictions have become a significant part of modern dining, persuading restaurants to create options that are free of gluten, dairy, or meat.

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Baked Expectations

There are few opportunities to eat dessert before the main course, but such fantasies are satisfied at Baked Expectations.

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Miss Browns

Since 2015, Steve Tyrell and wife Jenny have leveraged their Aussie influence during the rise of all-day breakfast fare. Miss Browns, the hip fast-casual café, hits the niche market with top-notch oak-smoked meats – brisket, ham, salmon, and pulled pork – that have a phenomenal woodsy flavour while remaining tender and rich.

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Saucers Cafe

For 18 years, Stuart Deacon and Dave Schultz have successfully helmed Saucers Cafe on Academy, serving simple yet evolved in-house specialties to a broad cross-section of the North River Heights community.

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The Oakwood

Winnipeg’s first cafés were small and modest facilities, influenced by Italian coffeehouses, serving a variety of coffee and light foods.

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