New Restaurant Reviews



New Restaurant Reviews

Carlos & Murphy’s

Tex-Mex favourite Carlos & Murphy’s has been a Winnipeg mainstay for nearly three decades and continues to draw those looking for vacation tastes inside a beach cantina replica. Diverse menu options, happy hour specials and an atmosphere that feels like a tropical getaway are the ingredients for this mouthwatering must-visit.

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Birthed from an ancient culture, Greek cuisine represents thousands of years of tradition. Flavours and ingredients from surrounding areas of Turkey, the Balkans and the Middle East have also influenced the Mediterranean palate.

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It’s the first of its kind in Winnipeg, and on the prairies for that matter. Georgian restaurant Saperavi, run by father-son duo Landis and Christer Henry, opened in 2016. Regions surrounding Georgia, like Eastern Europe and Western Asia, influence the cuisine of the country, so dishes aren’t entirely foreign to Winnipeggers.

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Sukhothai came on the scene about 20 years ago, thanks to a family that wanted to bring their ancestral home recipes to share with Winnipeg diners. Yet, the vibe is a contemporary one, with décor and service both up to today’s standards. Whether diners crave traditional Thai or want something new, Sukhothai is well-equipped for both.

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Thanh Huong

Anthony Bourdain declared Vietnam his first love and its food one of his greatest pleasures of life; a place that “grabs you and never lets you go.”

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