New Restaurant Reviews




New Restaurant Reviews


Sitting in the Linden Woods suburb is an Italian eatery that has become a Winnipeg institution over the past 19 years.

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East India Co.

These days, Indian food can be delivered to your home in plastic containers, or bland butter chicken can be picked up from the grocery store. While these simple solutions to your Indian food fix may cheat your five senses, there’s a superior way to enjoy this spice-laden cuisine.

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Indulge Bistro

Stylish hip eateries are generally associated with trendy or up and coming neighbourhoods that we all want to visit. This is a bias food snobs certainly perpetuate, anyway.

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Le Garage

St. Boniface is undoubtedly a must-visit for historic, trend-setting and culinary treasures, and when it comes to classic French-Canadian fare, Le Garage is the hidden gem of the trove.

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Steve’s Bistro

It’s clear why the Mediterranean diet has gained immense popularity after a glance at the menu at Steve’s Bistro. Fresh vegetables, pungent herbs and lean proteins are the building blocks for light, elegant dishes that celebrate fresh flavours.

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