Restaurant Reviews February-March 2019 Nick’s on Broadway

Nick’s on Broadway

Neighbourhood: Downtown
Address: 287 Broadway
Phone: 204-615-2872
Entrées: $9-$14

There is more than meets the eye at Nick’s on Broadway, where chef/owner Nick Graumann has been slinging sandwiches and satisfying the busy lunch crowd since 2015. From first bite, it’s obvious that this is the place for sandwich snobs: this kitchen is obsessed with the details.

The menu is simple and straightforward but incredibly well executed; from light yet satisfying salads and wraps to decadent ‘wiches. Winnipeg’s own City Bread builds the foundation for the fresh local ingredients, like Bothwell Cheese and Manitoba meats, favoured.

Lodged on the corner of Smith and Broadway, the unassuming cafeteria-style space feels open and bright, with large windows that draw in the sun and look out to the bustling street. The colossal chalkboard menu delivers daily soup and sandwich specials and gives the shop a cozy, homespun feel.

The ½ lb hot pastrami sandwich is a classic, and for good reason! Nick spends 6 days curing certified Angus Beef in-house, guaranteeing super fresh pastrami. The thick, mouth-watering slices of meat are showcased by a smear of spiced yellow mustard on fluffy rye bread, proving that simple is sometimes best. The farmhouse club combines thick pieces of tender chicken slathered in zesty housemade ranch, contrasted by crisp lettuce, and of course, plenty of crunchy bacon between a crusty chewy roll.

More indulgent yet, the mac and bacon grilled cheese is a fun twist on the classic after school snack. A generous mound of gooey, extra-cheesy macaroni and crisp bacon is stuffed between picture perfect slices of soft grilled sourdough. For something on the lighter side, grab the noodle wrap, filling enough to last until the end of a busy day at the office. Marinated noodles mingle with fresh lettuce and crispy fried onions, hitting the mark for someone who is craving something light yet substantial.

Like all great sandwich shops, sides are nearly as important and it’s clear that a lot of time and care goes into them here. Try the coleslaw, a mix of sweet and crunchy house-cured cabbage and tangy buttermilk dressing. To up daily veggie intake, add on house-marinated vegetables bursting with vinegary zip. An impressive beet salad sees the prairies’ go-to root veg tossed with crackling quinoa puffs (Nick’s is 100% nut-free), creamy feta and a tasty light dressing. The option to add chicken makes it hearty enough for lunch.

While Nick’s detailed eye and cheffy touch has clearly been applied to every inch of the lunch menu, dessert is in the hands of his hard-working mother, who joins him in the kitchen daily to whip up delicious baked goods and greet customers with friendly banter. Head back to work with one of her rich, chewy chocolate chunk cookies and a full belly, ready to face the rest of the day.

Nick’s on Broadway is open Mon-Fri from 11 am to 2 pm, Sat-Sun Closed.

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