2019 Restaurant Reviews

Red Ember Common

Hailing from a European tradition and quickly gaining popularity in Canadian cities, food halls are a unique dining experience that merges the convenience of a food court with the upscale, artisanal quality of a local farmers’ market.
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Circle Kitchen

TThe quest for eating the best of everything naturally attracts us to the hottest, newest, most creative kitchens in the city, motivating us to be open minded to trying the next new thing.

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Kevin’s Bistro

Since opening its first location in 1999, Stella’s has been a Winnipeg mainstay thanks to its hearty breakfasts and health-meets-comfort menu. Now, its new sister restaurant Kevin’s Bistro is taking up this mantle with a tighter focus: mac and cheese.

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Nick’s on Broadway

There is more than meets the eye at Nick’s on Broadway, where chef/owner Nick Graumann has been slinging sandwiches and satisfying the busy lunch crowd since 2015. From first bite, it’s obvious that this is the place for sandwich snobs: this kitchen is obsessed with the details.

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Yafa Cafe

People of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and other Arab nations have been trading spices and perfecting recipes for more than 2,000 years, but closer to home, increased cravings for quick, healthy and inspired food options have made Middle Eastern fast-casual eateries like Yafa Café ever more popular.

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