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Neighbourhood: The Forks Market
Address: 1 Forks Market Rd
Phone: 204-948-0020
Entrees: $15-$37

As we move into the lazy days of summer, Beachcomber’s restaurant at The Forks is the perfect resting spot to view sun worshippers soaking up rays, couples strolling the riverwalk, and boats cruising the Assiniboine River.

Housed in the former Brannigans location, Beachcomber’s embodies a campy Caribbean theme, perfect for an after-work drink or dinner with the family. A long list of fruity umbrella-style drinks and an island-inspired menu means that even if the crystal clear waters of an exotic locale aren’t in your travel plans this year, you can enjoy a touch of the tropics at The Forks.

The spacious outdoor patio faces Winnipeg’s only pier, but you’ll have to wait your turn on warm evenings. The spacious-but-cozy dining room is decorated with nautical touches such as coils of rope, and includes an atrium lounge that has you feeling like you’re dining al fresco. The menu focuses on seafood and fish dishes dressed up with marine-inspired names like Captain Kennedy’s mahi mahi.

To start, a definite winner is sun runner’s steamed mussels, which arrive swimming in a smoky ancho chile sauce. This hot sauce is perfect to mop up with chunks of warm bread. Kumala sweet potato fries are another tropical hit, with a crispy Cajun dusted coating and mellow, sweet flavour.

One of the more creative entrées is the pan-fried Jose Cuervo painted chicken, topped with a creamy tequila sauce that draws out the juiciness of the meat. The colourful Cajun shrimp boat jambalaya radiates heat and is packed with plump shrimp and spicy chorizo sausage. Served in a crispy pita bowl, smothered in a tart tomato sauce and tossed with rice, this dish is a treasure. Another great catch is the deep seas swordfish. The  generous-sized fillet is delicately grilled and served with a dollop of lemon butter that complements the firm flesh.

Pair your meal with a beverage from Beachcomber’s epic drink menu. Everything from mojitos to margaritas are served in fishbowl-sized glasses. The watermelon bellini is sweet and tangy, charmingly decorated with a thick slice of fuchsia-hued dragon fruit.

Beachcomber’s is open daily 11 am-11 pm.

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