Tony Chow, Hu Guoguang, Pan Yewen – North Garden Restaurant

Plays On Pickerel by Joelle Kidd North Garden’s Chinese renditions on our provincial fish have us hook, line, and sinker. It was 1988 when North Garden opened its doors. What was then a small and unassuming eatery tucked into a University Crescent strip mall has blossomed into a 130 seat space that churns out hundreds […]

Sweet & Sour Mandarin Fish

Chefs Hu Guoguang and Pan Yewen North Garden Restaurant This dish, nicknamed “squirrel fish”, is served at banquets and special occasions. North Garden can prepare the fish with a day’s advance notice. INGREDIENTS: 2 lbs whole pickerel salt and pepper, to taste 2 Tbsp + 1 tsp potato starch 2 eggs 2 tsp flour 3 […]

Fish Mousse Soup

Chefs Hu Guoguang and Pan Yewen North Garden Restaurant Small touches like shreds of fresh watercress and the addition of dried tangerine peel make this soup light and verdant. INGREDIENTS: Fish Mousse 2 cups ground pickerel 1 tsp dried shrimp, finely chopped 1 tsp Chinese sausage, finely chopped 1/2 tsp dried flounder fish powder 1/4 […]

Stir Fry Pickerel

Chefs Hu Guoguang and Pan Yewen North Garden Restaurant This light and satisfying stir fry is a quick way to make the most of pickerel season. INGREDIENTS: 4 pickerel fillets 1/2 tsp salt, plus more to taste 1/2 tsp pepper 1/2 tsp minced ginger 1 egg white 1 tsp yellow rice wine 1/5 tsp potato […]

Barbeque Duck

Barbeque Duck by Chef Hong Jian Zhu of North Garden Restaurant

Chef Hong Jian Zhu, North Garden Restaurant Presentation of this glistening bird will have jaws dropping around the room. Beneath the crisp and crackled skin each bite releases tangy, sweet, and savoury flavours. Ingredients 1 cup honey or maltose 1 cup white vinegar 1 cup red vinegar 3 cups water 3 star anise 3 bay […]