Ciao! ChocolateFest 2018

Blaze Restaurant 350 St Mary Ave, 204-944-7529 Appetizer BRAISED PORK BELLY With chocolate sauce Drinks RASPBERRY CHOCOLATE MARTINI Raspberry vodka, crème de cacao BLACK FOREST CAKE MARTINI Crème de cacao, Chambord, nutmeg, milk Each for $7 Click the logo to go to the website            ______________________________________________________________ Brazen Hall 800 Pembina Hwy, 204-453-7980 […]

Ciao! Dine About Winnipeg on CTV Morning Live

  Publisher Laurie Hughes shares details about Ciao! Dine About Winnipeg menus and highlights about the culinary event series. Watch the full interview here!  Brazen Hall Video  Star Grill Video  Blaze Restaurant and Lounge Video 

In The Kitchen Recipes

In the Kitchen chefs Allan Pineda and Jeremy Senaris’s contemporary Filipino cuisine menu:  

Pumpkin Apple Spice Soup

Wouter Gorter Sana Souphouse RECIPE INSPIRATION In 2014, co-owners Wouter and Andre Dabrowski married their backgrounds in sustainable agriculture, microbiology and economics to open the doors to a downtown soup bistro. The owners credit Andre’s mother for many recipes and top secret ingredient, imported Russian salt. Using simple, fresh food as the foundation, the cooks […]

In The Kitchen Pop Artists

  Pop Artists Winnipeg chefs showcase Filipino cuisine in contemporary culinary works of art at pop-up dinner events. By Teena Legris A transformation has taken place. Hours after the close of regular service, a restaurant space is awash in dim, moody lighting, the air buzzing with anticipation. Eager diners who marked their calendars weeks in […]

Ciao! Cooks Super Bowls

Check out the recipes for health-boosting soups and bowls riched in vitamins and antioxidants from Wouter Gorter of Sana Souphouse and Lisa Reiss of Desserts Plus. Sana Souphouse Desserts Plus  

New Restaurant Reviews

New Restaurant Reviews Close Co Stepping into Close Co. offers a distinct sense of familiarity, with friendly greetings and the smells of home cooking – a taste of the evening to come. Read more…  Muddy Waters Eatery A staple in the American South, great barbeque is elusive in the True North. When seeking piles of […]

Last Bite

Long time Ciao! hounds will notice a shift from Last Course to a new Last Bite. This new back page will spotlight Winnipeg influencers! Kal Barteski unveils this premiere, sharing her love for winter and food. See digital issue.


2018 Restaurant Reviews Close Co Stepping into Close Co. offers a distinct sense of familiarity, with friendly greetings and the smells of home cooking – a taste of the evening to come. Read more…  Muddy Waters Eatery A staple in the American South, great barbeque is elusive in the True North. When seeking piles of […]

Restaurant Reviews February-March 2018 Star Grill

Star Grill Neighbourhood: St James Address: 2069 Portage Ave Phone: 204-837-7827 Entrées: $16-$27 It may be romantic, but even winter-loving Winnipeggers have to admit that stargazing is not a cold weather activity. For an out-of-this world date night with a warm atmosphere and delicious eats to boot, dinner at the Star Grill makes a perfect substitute. For twenty one […]

Restaurant Reviews February-March 2018 Segovia

Segovia Neighbourhood: Osborne Address: 484 Stradbrook Ave Phone: 204-477-6500 Entrées: $3-$25 Segovia Tapas Bar and Restaurant’s ability to thrive since its opening in 2009, is the consistent presentation of Spanish tapas with the complexity of flavour and elegant presentation. Co-owner and Head Chef Adam Donnelly and wife/business partner Carolina Konrad, continue to cultivate a sophisticated menu that switches monthly […]

Restaurant Reviews February-March 2018 Muddy Waters Eatery

Muddy Waters Eatery Neighbourhood: The Forks Address: 15 Forks Market Rd Phone: 204-947-6653 Entrées: $7-$33 A staple in the American South, great barbeque is elusive in the True North. When seeking piles of smoky, tender meat and tangy sauce, one of Winnipeg’s best bets is Muddy Waters Eatery. This riverside restaurant has been slinging saucy, meaty dishes since the […]

Restaurant Reviews February-March 2018 Close Co

Close Co. Neighbourhood: River Heights Address: 256 Stafford St Phone: 204-691-7788 Entrées: $11-$35 Stepping into Close Co. offers a distinct sense of familiarity, with friendly greetings and the smells of home cooking – a taste of the evening to come. With a mere 10 seats, this diminutive restaurant has the atmosphere of an intimate dinner party with friends, but […]

Best New Restaurant Reviews December – January 2017 Harth

Harth Neighbourhood: St Vital Address: 1-980 St Anne’s Rd Phone: 204-255-0003 Entrées: $18-$36 Suburbs are not a huge draw for the culinary elite seeking chef forward menus. Yet, in St. Vital’s extreme far south, a beacon for eaters with high standards emerged this year. Locals from near and far are beating a path to Harth, drawn […]

Best New Restaurant Reviews December – January 2017 Cordova

Cordova Neighbourhood: Exchange Address: 93 Albert St Phone: 204-691-1900 Entrées: $11-$28 The romantic streets of Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District are where the cool kids go–it has been that way for decades. As a result, restaurant upstarts in this ‘hood have somewhat of a leg up out of the starting gate, anticipated as the next hot spot […]

Best New Restaurant Reviews December – January 2017 Carne

Carne Neighbourhood: Downtown Address: 295 York Ave Phone: 204-896-7275 Entrées: $22-$95 The trend reports declaring vegetables the most fashionable food group of the year don’t completely factor in the prairies’ innate love for meat. Thankfully, the restaurant group behind Carne has. Wow! Hospitality’s 529 Wellington has been setting a gold standard in its stately riverside mansion […]

Best New Restaurant Reviews December – January 2017 Bouchée Boucher

Bouchée Boucher Neighbourhood: St Boniface Address: 101-300 Taché Ave Phone: 204-237-1530 Entrées: $25-$35 When a new restaurant opens at a popular corner that has perplexed many business starts before it, eyebrows raise.  When that restaurant is opened by a team of chefs and enthusiasts who want to introduce the community to a business concept not […]

Best New Restaurant Reviews December – January 2017 Brazen Hall

Brazen Hall Neighbourhood: Fort Rouge Address: 800 Pembina Hwy Phone: 204-453-7980 Entrées: $14-$35 When restaurateur Kristian Kristjansson closed the doors of The Round Table 40 years after his father opened it, many wondered what would replace the beloved Tudor cottage building. As months turned into the better part of a year, the massive renovation project […]

Ciao! Dine About Winnipeg 2018

Winnipeg’s hottest food festival is here for its 15th year of celebrating our city’s exceptional culinary talent. Check out the lunch or dinner menus at some of the city’s finest restaurants.

Ciao! Dine About Winnipeg 2018

  Experience the best of Winnipeg’s exceptional culinary talent. Enjoy three-course, set price lunch or dinner menus at some of the city’s finest restaurants. Restaurants will sell out, and reservations are required. This year marks the exciting launch of a series of culinary events during “Dine About Winnipeg” days designed to add a new dimension to […]

Dine About Winnipeg 2018 – Nicolino’s_2

Nicolino’s  Phone Now to Make a Reservation! 4-2077 Pembina Hwy, 204-269-5004 $38 Carne Menu Appetizer Beef Carpaccio Bruschetta, capers and garlic butter, onion jam, dried olive powder, and tenderloin carpaccio  Entrée Beef Stracotto With cocoa demi, served with creamy parsnip purée (gf)  Dessert Cornetti alla crema Puff pastry croissant with crème pâtissière or pizza with Nutella   […]

Dine About Winnipeg 2018 – Mona Lisa_2

Mona Lisa Phone Now to Make a Reservation! 1697 Corydon Ave, 204-488-3687 $38 Appetizer Insalate di Mare Shrimp, calamari, mussels, octopus, clams, tossed in lemon, olive oil, garlic and parsley – or – Bocconcini e Pomodoro (gf) (v) Layers of fresh bocconcini cheese, Roma tomatoes, red onion, dressed in extra virgin olive oil, oregano, fresh garlic and basil – […]

Dine About Winnipeg 2018 – Close Co

Close Co. Phone Now to Make a Reservation! 256 Stafford St, 204-691-7788 $38  Snacks Cheese and Crackers Imported cheese, tomato jam and seeded lavash Appetizer Farro Verde Asparagus, broccolini, snap peas, cucumber and Labneh   Entrée Rainbow Trout Fingerling potato, citrus salad, sorrel and green olive aioli   Dessert Potted Chocolate Hazelnut crumble, sponge toffee and smoked […]

Dine About Winnipeg 2018 – Brazen Hall

Brazen Hall Phone Now to Make a Reservation! 800 Pembina Hwy, 204-453-7980 Only available after 4:30 pm $38 Appetizer BaBang Shrimp Crispy shrimp, chili lime aioli – or – Pig Poutine Curds, gravy, pork belly, tobacco onion – or – Crab Fish Cakes Manitoba pickerel, dungeness crab, carrot, celery, onion, potato, curry aioli with pickled vegetables   […]

Dine About Winnipeg 2018 – Cafe Carlo

Cafe Carlo Phone Now to Make a Reservation! 243 Lilac St, 204-477-5544  $38 Appetizer Roasted beets and leeks with harissa aïoli – or – Quinoa and arugula salad with Greek dressing – or – Pan-roasted Brussels sprouts amatriciana   Entrées Braised beef ravioli with mushroom cream – or – Fettuccine with chicken, chorizo, cashews in chile cream […]

Dine About Winnipeg 2018 – Bailey’s

Bailey’s Phone Now to Make a Reservation! 185 Lombard Ave, 204-944-1180 $38 Appetizer Assorted hors d’oeuvre plate Smoked salmon timbale, mini quiche, black bean pork canapé – or – Soup du jour – or – Seafood Bisque – or – Artisan green salad with raspberry vinaigrette Artisan mixed greens with fresh strawberries, mandarin oranges and candied walnuts […]

Dine About Winnipeg 2018 – Saddlery on Market

Saddlery on Market Phone Now to Make a Reservation! 114 Market Ave, 204-615-1898 $28 Appetizer Sweet potato bisque – or – Spinach, fresh strawberries, goat cheese, candied pecans, creamy orange poppy seed dressing – or – Mushroom duxelles bruschetta   Entrées New York Steak and Prawns 7 oz California cut New York strip topped with chimichurri, parmesan […]

Dine About Winnipeg 2018 – Pasquales

Pasquale’s Phone Now to Make a Reservation! 109 Marion St, 204-231-1403 $28 Appetizer Caesar Salad Pasquale’s famous garlic caesar dressing with croutons and Grana Padano – or – Minestrone alla Toscana Housemade hearty vegetable, pasta and bean soup – or – Suppli Fried risotto rice balls stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan cheese in a bolognese meat […]

Dine About Winnipeg 2018 – Michele’s

Michele’s Restaurant (McPhillips Station Casino) Phone Now to Make a Reservation! 484 McPhillips St, 204-982-3791 Must be 18+ $28 Appetizer Root Vegetable and Winter Squash Salad Prairie pulses and grains with smoked chèvre vinaigrette – or – Feature Soup of the Day   Entrées 72-Hour Pastrami Short Rib Served with fresh-made pickles, rye bread, sauce and hot […]

Dine About Winnipeg 2018 – Cafe Dario

Cafe Dario Phone Now to Make a Reservation! 1390 Erin St, 204-783-2813 $28 Appetizer Spicy Escargots el Diablo – or – Vegan Baked Hearts of Palm with cilantro jalapeño tofu cream – or – Peruvian Seafood Ceviche – or – Chicken Tostada   Entrées Beef Tenderloin (6 oz) with Argentinean chimichurri salsa – or – Chicken Breast […]