Top Tables October – November 2016

Café La Scala Neighbourhood: Corydon Address: 725 Corydon Ave Phone: 204-474-2750 Entrées:  $8-$26 Recent renovations have transformed Café La Scala into a hybrid of urban cool and fine dining. This new incarnation of one of Corydon Avenue’s long-time gems melds sleek nightlife elements with elegant style, catering to the after dark crowd without sacrificing quality. […]

Top Tables August-September 2016

Colosseo Ristorante Neighbourhood: Corydon Address: 670 Corydon Ave Phone: 204-284-4977 Entrées: $19-$28 Nothing holds a candle to the basic comfort of a red sauce joint: those classic paragons of Italian cooking which actively encourage eating your weight in veal parmigiana. Of these precious old-school gems that remain in Winnipeg, Colosseo Ristorante reigns supreme. A staple […]

Top Tables June-July 2016

Sydneys At The Forks Neighbourhood: The Forks Address: 215-1 Forks Market Rd Phone: 204-942-6075 Entrées: prix fixe $48 At this point in the fine dining landscape it seems the white tablecloth may be going the way of the dodo bird. The opulent dining out fashions of yesteryear have been upended by a new wave of […]

Top Tables Apr-May 2016

RESTÖ at THERMËA Neighbourhood: Fort Richmond Address: 775 Crescent Dr. Phone: 204-284-9595 Entrees: $21-$25 Nestled beside Crescent Drive golf course amongst mature, towering trees, urban getaway Thermëa is a haven for rejuvenation. Past saunas and steamy soaking tubs, an elegant and healthful bistro provides some gastronomic therapy. The intimate 50-seat space extends to a second […]

Top Tables Feb-Mar 2016

  Black Rabbit Bistro Neighbourhood: Osborne Village Address: 135 Osborne St. Phone:  204-615-1130 Entrées: $13-$28 Some of the city’s best restaurants satisfy on a basic level, with creativity, consistency and accessibility. Places where inventive cocktails, a hip crowd, and live music explain, just as much as the menu, why it’s packed every night. One such […]