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Chocolate Pâté


Chocolate Pâté

Dessert Sinsations & Design
Barbara O’Hara

O’Hara stresses using high quality chocolate, such as Callebaut Belgian, for this recipe.

2 cups whipping cream
1 lb bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
1/2 cup Grand Marnier
Fresh berries, or strawberry or raspberry purée, to garnish

1. In a saucepan, over low-medium heat, heat cream until almost scalded.
2. Place chocolate in a large bowl. Pour heated cream overtop. Don’t stir, covering immediately with plastic wrap. Leave covered for 10 minutes. Stir in Grand Marnier until smooth and thick.
3. Pour pâté into a 9×5 pan lined with parchment paper. Refrigerate for 24 hours, or until totally set. Remove carefully from pan and cut into 24 triangles, each 1/2″ thick. Garnish with berries.

Yield 12 servings

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