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Chocolate Roses

Chef Helmut Mathae,
Pastry instructor at Louis Riel Arts & Technology Centre

These sweet roses can be made in various sizes and can be used to garnish cakes, dessserts and even a chocolate martini. Note: These must be made two to three days ahead, depending on size, so as to allow to harden.

1/2 lb unsweetened Callebaut dark chocolate
1/4 cup corn syrup

1. Over a double boiler on medium-high heat, melt chocolate, stirring constantly.
2. Remove from heat and stir in corn syrup until incorporated. Refrigerate for  2 hours so that it is pliable.
3. To make a petal, form a ball approximately 1/2 cm in diameter. On a hard surface, with the flat of a spoon, gently flatten the ball into a round petal shape. Tiny strokes work best. One end should be slightly thicker than the other. The size of the original ball can be varied slightly, depending on the desired size of rose. Make approximately 12 petals.
4. Take one petal and gently roll to form the middle of the rose. The thicker end will be the base to place the petals.
5. Take one petal and gently wrap thicker end around the base. Press lightly to adhere and flute the top of the petal out slightly.
6. Repeat step 5 with a second petal so that the base is surrounded by a first layer of two petals.
7. Take another petal and attach it to the base, so that it offsets the point where the first two petals meet. Leave the end free from the base and slip the next petal under the free edge. Continue this process, overlapping each petal, until all petals are incorporated. Flute out the top of each petal in each layer progressively so that the last layer is most fluted.
8. Store finished roses upright on a small plate in a cool, dark area for two to three days to harden. Do not refrigerate, as condensation will form on the petals.
9. With practice, you can subract or add more petals to the roses you make in order to create roses in various stages of bloom.

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