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Ciao! June-July 2017


Rack of Lamb
Mains – Rack of Lamb
Greek Style Lamb Chops
Mains – Greek Style Lamb Chops

Carnaval Brazilian BBQ

Pork Sirloin with Sumac Honey Dijon Glaze
Mains – Pork Sirloin with Sumac Honey Dijon Glaze
Picanha Steak
Mains – Picanha Steak

Piazza De Nardi

Turkey & Orange Sausage
Mains – Turkey & Orange Sausage

Lovey’s BBQ

Chicken Wings
Mains – Chicken Wings

Carne Italian Chophouse

Rib Steak
Mains – Rib Steak
Veal Chop
Mains – Veal Chop

Sherbrook Street Deli

Smoked Meat
Mains – Smoked Meat


Last Course

Manitoba Freak Shake
Dessert – Bacon Dipped Pineapple Pops
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