Ciao! Recipes Dec-Jan 2016

The Cornerstone

Chickpea Soup

Appetizer – Chickpea Soup with Guacamole

Savoury Crêpe

Main – Savoury Crêpe with Pesto and a Poached Egg

Pickerel With Israeli Couscous

Main – Pickerel With Israeli Couscous

Lemon Tart

Main – Lemon Tart

Albert St Cocktail Co

Kids These Days

Cocktail – Kids These Days

Olives Escabeche

Appetizer – Olives Escabeche


 The Roost

Ginger Coconut Punch

Cocktail – Ginger Coconut Punch

Butternut Cups with Pecan Sage Crumble

Appetizers – Butternut Cups with Pecan Sage Crumble


Last Course

Marshmallow Garland

Dessert – Marshmallow Garland

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