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Dine About Winnipeg 2018 – Bouchée Boucher

Bouchée Boucher

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101-300 Tache Ave, 204-237-1530


Gnocchi with shaved Brussels sprouts and guanciale
– or –
Pâté with date mustard and pickles, served with housemade bread
– or –
Cabbage salad with lemon and parsley
Chicken with spinach and potato and mushroom fricassée
– or –
Pickerel with beets, apple and fennel served with a broth
– or –
Squash agnolotti with diced and pickled squash
Brownies Pirouette
Chocolate brownie with caramel chantilly
– or –
Tarte K Vanille
Vanilla mousseline, ladyfinger biscuit soaked with vanilla syrup
– or –
Macaron Gelato Sandwich



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