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Dine About Winnipeg 2018 – Fusion Grill_2

Fusion Grill

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550 Academy Rd, 204-489-6963


Smoked Arctic char, wild rice potato latke, Northern pike caviar and crème fraîche
– or –
Sautéed local organic mushrooms, rosemary focaccia, micro basil
– or –
Soup of tomorrow (announced nightly)
Reverse grilled lamb chops, Saskatoon preserve, curry-rubbed fingerlings,
demi-glace, turmeric blanched rutabaga and winter medley
– or –
Spicy ravioli with local organic jalapeno preserve, mascarpone, cheddar,
panko crumble
– or –
Smoked Granny’s turkey tourtière, winter relish, icewine crème fraîche
Hot chocolate
with toasted meringue and crispy wafer
– or –
Apple Saskatoon crumble
– or –
Fruit sorbet (announced nightly)


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