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Era Bistro – Taste The World Menu – 2015

During the entire month of
August, these Winnipeg
restaurants invite you to
taste the city’s ethnic
diversity, everyday for
lunch for just $12.


Café Dario
Era Bistro
The Merchant Kitchen
Resto Gare
Ripe Bistro




Era Bistro

85 Israel Asper Way 204-289-2190


Manitoba Pork Ciabatta

Slow roasted shaved Manitoba pork loin with sour cherry aioli, beer mustard, and lemon tossed arugula on toasted ciabatta. Served with choice of house made soup, fries, or garden salad.

Loin de Porc du Manitoba Aromatise aux fines herbes

Loin de porc du Manitoba roti a fev doux avec Aioli a la cerise sure, Mustarde a la biere, et Arugula citronne  sur Ciabatta grille. Servi avec choix de Soupe maison, frites ov salade Jardnnie.




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