IntheKitchen – World Flavour

Taste your way across the map, no passport required!

By Jessie Schmidtke

Take a flavour trip around the world through Winnipeg’s swinging culinary scene, a hub for multi-cultural eats. Local chefs cook traditional and trendy dishes inspired by their cultures in quaint, homey spaces or lively digs. To add some global influence to the table this summer, we ask chef/owners from restaurants embodying the rich diversity of our city to share some of their favourite recipes, new and old.

Khao Soi

Mains – Khao Soi

Naem Khao

Appetizer – Naem Khao

Irish Stew

Mains – Irish Stew

Shepherd's Pie

Mains – Shepherd’s Pie

Lotus Leaf Sticky Rice

Appetizer – Lotus Leaf Sticky Rice

Spring Roll

Appetizer – Spring Roll

Pow Wow Tacos

Mains – Pow Wow Tacos

Butternut Squash Pizza

Mains – Butternut Squash Pizza

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