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Manitoba Juiced-Fruit Sorbets

Chef Dana Gresswell,
Mondragon Bookstore and Coffeehouse

Home‑made sorbet is made by simply filling your ice-cream maker with fresh juice. To ensure the juicy fruit ice experiment is foolproof, consult the manufacturer’s directions.

For our ‘Grade A’ presentation, we use three ingredients that are bountiful on Manitoba farms: crab apples (pale pink), raspberries and carrots. Any fresh fruit or vegetable blend can be turned into a refreshing icy version of itself.

Crab apple juice goes into the ice-cream maker as is. The juice itself is a perfect blend of tart and sweet. Raspberry juice is slightly sweetened with corn syrup and a shot of lime juice. Carrot juice is blended with fresh grated ginger and apple juice. The result is a sweet palate cleanser with a kick.

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