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Palm Lounge

Neighbourhood: Downtown
Address: 222 Broadway
Phone: 204-942-8251 ext 6605
Entrees: $10-$28

The chateau-style Fort Garry Hotel was built in 1913 at a time when Winnipeg was the cross-Canadian rail transport hub. The hotel stands as a symbol of that period, and at its heart, the Palm Lounge brings to life a distinguished era when a cocktail was a fashion statement and a night out was a magnificent event.

The lounge opens into an oval room (44 ft. in diameter), enclosed by a vaulted ceiling with a glittering chandelier hanging from its centre. A royal ruby, teal and gold colour scheme is accompanied by dark wood tables. Giant armchairs guarantee a meal enjoyed with class and comfort. The jazz pianist tickling the grand piano at the back of the room completes the scene for a dream-like evening out of old Hollywood.

The top-rated kitchen has thoughtfully drawn up a selection of dishes to cater to a range of visiting palates—from weary travellers, with ‘home away from home dinners’ of comfort food, to lighter meals for the business luncher.

Grilled salmon salad with roasted peppers and zucchini is a healthful midday meal. A generous piece of salmon coated in a honey mustard glaze pops with an initial tang, fading sweetly as the moist fish dissolves.

Steamed shrimp dumplings are presented in Japanese tradition with five plump pockets (the odd number is seen as good luck). After drowning in the brackish soy-mirin sauce, the moist wrapper gives way to perfectly cooked shrimp.

A 12-ounce island of New York steak is set atop strands of nutty spaghetti squash. A pad of pink peppercorn butter slides its way across the surface, providing a luxurious sheen to the beef. Joined by a pile of julienne carrots and crisp snow peas, this meat stages itself elegantly.

The cheese course is a rare treat in this city. Fruit, including juicy strawberries, melon and grapes, is paired with a selection of nuts and your choice of cambozola or extra‑old cheddar. A layer from each group, teetering atop a toast, reawakens the palate without being painfully rich.

If you enjoy sinfully sweet endings, attempt the caramel‑drenched pecan pie—a well-done classic, just like the Palm Lounge.

The Fort Garry Hotel’s Palm Lounge is open Mon-Thu 11 am‑12 am; Fri & Sat 11 am-1 am; Sun 3 pm-12 am.

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