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Picanha Steak

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Chef Irene Chapski
Carnaval Brazilian BBQ

Picanha Steak
Picanha refers to the fat-ridged cap of meat at the tip of the sirloin and is a specialty of Brazilian barbeque. This rare cut is stocked at Miller’s Meat Market.


6-8 oz cut picanha steak
coarse salt


1. Traditionally picanha is cooked by continually salting the meat as it cooks. For best flavour, begin by salting the meat the night before.

2. When ready to cook, rinse the salt off the meat. The steak can be bent into a C shape and skewered to be cooked on a rotating spit, or
cooked flat on the barbeque.

3. Barbeque for about 30 minutes to reach perfect medium rare. Slow cooking yields the most tender result, as the salt and fat act together to
retain juices. Continue to add salt while on the barbeque. For a more heart healthy option, use (low sodium) potassium salt.

4. Remove pichanha from heat and slice, gaucho style, with a sharp knife.

Yield 6-8 oz picanha steak


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