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Pork Chop with Ginger Cilantro Glaze and Wild Rice Orzo

Chef Ray Miller,
York The Hotel

Chef Ray uses the local Prairie Orchard Farms Omega pork, as it’s not only good for you, but it’s also the juiciest he’s ever tasted. Prairie Orchard products are available in a variety of stores, including La Grotta. Nature’s Pasta can be found at most specialty food stores, including Vic’s Fruit Market.

Wild rice orzo
3 cups cooked Nature’s Pasta Wild Rice Orzo
¼ cup shallots, minced
1 portobello, diced
2 Tbsp butter, unsalted
½ cup chicken stock
2 Tbsp Romano cheese, grated

1 Tbsp + 1 ½ tsp olive oil
½ cup fresh ginger, grated
¼ cup shallots, chopped
1 cup merlot
1 cup demi-glace (available at Stephen & Andrews)
1 ½ tsp cilantro, chopped

4 Prairie Orchard Farms Omega pork chops, 280g each
1/3 cup olive oil
kosher salt and cracked black pepper

Wild rice orzo
1. In a large frying pan over med-high heat, sauté shallots and mushrooms in butter for 2 min.
2. Add orzo and stock. Heat until most of the stock has been absorbed. Remove from heat.
3. Add Romano cheese. Salt and pepper to taste.

1. In a small saucepan over high heat, sauté shallots and ginger in oil for 2–3 min.
2. Add wine and reduce until nearly dry.
3. Add the demi-glace. Reduce heat to med and simmer for 6 min. Salt and pepper to taste.
4. Strain sauce through a fine seive.
5. Add cilantro just before serving.

1. Marinate pork chops in olive oil, salt and pepper for 4–24 hours.
2. Heat barbeque to high.
3. Grill pork until desired doneness, 5 min on one side and 3 on the other for medium. Internal temp should be 130°F.

Tasting Notes
The tender, juicy pork is beautifully accented by a wash of ginger that fills the palate. Fresh, woodsy mushrooms are complimented by a hint of nutiness in the orzo.

Yield 4 servings

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