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Portobello Wellington

Chef Barry Saunders,
Inn at the Forks

This buttery parcel packs earthy flavour. Pair it with a salad for a light meal.

1 sheet puff pastry
1 bunch fresh basil leaves
8 portobello mushrooms
1/4 cup olive oil
pinch salt and pepper
6 roasted red peppers
5 oz goat cheese, sliced
1 cup egg wash (1 egg +  3/4 cup milk)

1. Preheat oven to 375˚F.
2. Using a spoon, scrape gills from interior of mushrooms.
3. Generously drizzle olive oil over mushrooms and season with salt and pepper.
4. Place mushrooms on baking sheet and bake until tender (8–10 mins). Set aside to cool.
5. Cut puff pastry sheet into four equal squares.
6. Place a mushroom in centre of pastry, layer with roasted pepper, basil leaves and goat cheese. Finish with a second portobello mushroom.
7. Fold corners of pastry around filling, bringing them together at top. Be sure to enclose entirely.
8. Place on a parchment-lined baking sheet with folded side down.
9. Brush top of Wellington with egg wash.
10.Bake in oven for 12-15 mins, until pastry is golden.

Yield 4 servings

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