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Jordan Seed Farms

Theophil Jordan
Theophil Jordan

It was an independent spirit and quest for greatness that resulted in Jordan Seed Farms’ quality cold-pressed canola oil.

One day in 2000, after 20 years as an organic alfalfa, canola and flax farmer, Theophil Jordan decided to try making his own cold-pressed oils. As a self-proclaimed foodie, he yearned for a flavourful, organic canola oil.

Fast forward eight years, much word of mouth and many bottles of cold-pressed canola oil later.

Today, the company makes 4,000 litres of the golden, nutritious and full-bodied oil every year.

The oil, with its rich, pure taste, health benefits and organic production, has earned Jordan Seed Farms The Good Food Manitoba 2011 Producer of the Year from Ciao! magazine.

For the uninitiated, cold-pressed organic canola oil is ideal for home cooking because of its striking colour, full flavour and high smoke point.

The press operates slowly, as it’s crucial to keep the oil temperature below 36˚C to retain the canola’s nutty flavour and natural nutrients. Even at that, the Jordan’s can make four litres per hour.

“It smells like combining canola—it has a real harvest smell,” Jordan says.

Resto Gare uses this versatile, preservative-free product in two dishes: a fresh tomato, watermelon, basil and haloumi cheese salad and a flourless chocolate cake with fleur de sel.

Unlike lighter-coloured, mass market canola oils, the Jordan’s oil is not extracted with hexane—a petroleum product which harms the environment and may leave chemical residues.

In Winnipeg, the oil can be purchased at Sacco & Vanzetti Grocery, Organic Planet and Eat

For now, Jordan plans to adjust production to cope with growing demand and ultimately wants to keep the company manageable.

Jordan’s high quality standard and artisanal approach will continue to reap rewards from his liquid gold.

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