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Restaurant Reviews August-September 2016 Ducky’s Fish & Chips


Neighbourhood: West End
Address: 884 Notre Dame Ave
Phone: 204-772-5600
Entrées: $10-$17

Though far from any body of water, Ducky’s has the feel of seaside dining. This English style fish and chip shop has perfected the art of fish frying.
Blending cozy and kitsch, this 45-seat nook sports trophy fish mounted on wooden plaques and an open kitchen that gives diners a front row seat to cooks dunking fish into hot oil.
Much like the food, the menu is simple. A choice of fish comes with a side of chips, tangy coleslaw and a soft dinner roll. Forget about greasy batter laden pieces of flesh—here, enormous portions of halibut, haddock and cod hide beneath a crunchy exterior that gives way to flaky, tender meat. Firm, slightly sweet halibut is ideal for a generous slather of housemade tartar sauce, while mild and delicate cod falls away at even the merest nudge of a fork.
The menu moves beyond the titular fish and chips with seafood offerings like jumbo shrimp cloaked in batter and buttery scallops on a heaping bed of fries. A Ducky’s meal may be an indulgence, but there’s no need to stop before sampling a decadent and gooey deep fried Mars bar served over a chocolate fudge sundae.
While the fish at this establishment doesn’t come with a walk along a pier or swaddled in the daily paper, bottles of malt vinegar and ketchup are poised at each table for a liberal dousing. Sometimes unfussy, uncomplicated food can be the most transportive meal of all.
Ducky’s is open Mon-Sat 11 am-8 pm.

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