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Restaurant Reviews Prairie 360

Prairie 360

Neighbourhood: Downtown
Address: 83 Garry St
Phone: 204-505-2681
Entrées: $27-$49

It is not that a revolving restaurant has successfully reopened as a tourist attraction that makes Prairie 360 notable. This eatery is earnest, a little lofty, and its shameless views are  rivalled by mash-ups of compelling flavours that reveal an affection for Manitoba’s multiculturalism.

The culinary adventure begins with an extraordinary glass elevator ride that teases what’s to come with some tingling sensation to boot. At the top, a tastefully muted colour scheme with touches of mid-century design graciously defers attention to local art adorning the walls—and of course, the view. Gazing out table-to-ceiling glass windows yields a bird’s eye angle on Winnipeg’s landmarks, an unending horizon, and expansive prairie sky. A full rotation of the moving deck takes 72 minutes, changing one’s perspective as the night unwinds over each course.

A well-curated mix of wild game, provincial indigenous ingredients, and signature dishes made in many local homes makes the menu accessible and comforting. The twists and interpretations offered by South American born chef, Alfonso Maury, make it exciting. Bison and prosciutto perogies slathered with garlic cream sauce; venison scaloppini accompanied by black pearl barley, mushroom, and leek risotto; paella with pearl barley risotto, coconut milk, and adobo broth—ethnic-skewed signatures are made special to match the precious setting.

Prairie pride comes through at this top of the world location with luxurious steaks. Elk ribeye and striploin are accompanied by a selection of locally raised, hormone free Manitoba beef. Despite the enormity and scope of this restaurant, choice cuts rival premium steakhouses, thanks to a 35-day dry-aging process in a temperature controlled room stocked with wood chips, blocks of Himalayan sea salt, and spices. Lightly charred, peppery crusts and well-marbled interiors holding juices for release on the palate are the results: newfound essentials of a gold standard steak.

Date night beef makes an appearance for the Sunday brunch crowd, too. The usual morning items are presented buffet style, punctuated by a carving station and smoked fish platters, adding panache for families gathered to enjoy the sunny view.

Care taken with the details prompts artful presentation of a la carte dishes. The poike, a satisfying stew packed with morsels of lamb, elk, bison, deer, and vegetables cooked to sweet tenderness, is delivered to the table in a deep cast iron pot. The smoked fish board, a shareable smorgasbord of salmon and local goldeye, is stocked with crusty bread, herbed cream cheese, smoky-sweet red pepper sauce, and Manitoba’s delicacy, Pike caviar.

An homage to rustic, hunt inspired meals, cornish game hen set on a bed of mini roasted potatoes presents another impressive plate. The juicy light meat hides beneath a crispy skin rubbed with hearty grainy dijon.

The keen kitchen takes unabashed dedication to local tastes to the last course with bannock fried to chewy, crispy perfection, dredged in cinnamon sugar, and served with silky brown butter pastry cream. With a love for prairie cooking, and more than a spoonful of savvy, Prairie 360 uses spectacular flair to bring humble tastes to new heights.

Prairie 360 is open for lunch Mon-Fri 11 am-2 pm, for brunch Sun 10:30 am-2 pm, for dinner Sun-Thu 4:30 pm-9 pm, Fri-Sat 4:30 pm-10 pm.

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