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Rib Steak

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Owner Roger LeBlue
Lovey’s BBQ

Rib Steak
One of the juiciest and most flavourful steak cuts, bone in rib steak is ideal for grilling. The behemoth pictured is about 1 kilo.


1 kg rib steak
olive oil
black pepper


1. Remove rib steak from fridge 30 min before cooking to ensure even cooking. Season steak with salt and pepper and rub
with olive oil to prevent meat from sticking to grill.

2. Grill over high heat to sear steak and create charred grill marks.

3. Transfer to a 400˚F oven or barbeque and cook, turning every 4-5 min, until internal temperature is about 110˚F.

4. Let rest 10 minutes before cutting to bring internal temperature up to 120˚F-125˚F and to let juices reabsorb.

5. Plate and garnish with a pinch of salt and pepper, a drizzle of oil, and a sprig of rosemary.

Yield 1 rib steak


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