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Royal Crown

Neighbourhood: Downtown
Address: 83 Garry Street
Phone: 204-947-1990
Entrees: $19-$50

Behind the grand Fort Garry Hotel, a glass elevator whisks guests up 30 stories. When the doors open, Royal Crown Revolving Restaurant’s main attraction is immediately apparent. Every table has one of Winnipeg’s best views. This restaurant is a great way for visitors to familiarize themselves with the city while checking out some top tourist attractions.

The formal Victorian dining room befits a restaurant of this name. Traditional oil lanterns at each table and quiet classical music set an elegant, unobtrusive scene, allowing diners to focus on the 360-degree vista unfolding in front of them.

Start this panoramic dining tour with delightfully aromatic escargots. Tucked neatly into mushroom caps, each succulent bite swims in rich Cognac and oregano-infused butter. This traditional European appetizer is a perfect fit while gazing at the majestic façade of St. Boniface Cathedral.

The chicken Picasso strays from the list of classic continental entrées and is appropriate to savour while contemplating the artful Esplanade Riel. It arrives bursting with pale yellow gouda and dark green spinach. A fragrant mushroom and leek sauce accompanies it, adding a splash of flavour to this earthy dish.

The chicken Ancienne arrives just as the historic Exchange District comes into view. In this French standard, a velvety vermouth sauce envelops a plump chicken breast. Underneath, tiny crimini mushrooms and crispy bits of salty pancetta offer contrasting flavours with every bite.

The modern office towers at the famous intersection of Portage and Main are a suitable backdrop for the mammoth pork tenderloin au Marsala. The moist meat is stuffed with an airy mushroom duxelle, while the deep brown Marsala reduction alludes to its rich flavour.

After dinner, linger a while longer and watch the sun set behind the stately Manitoba Legislative Building. Then head up another storey to the lounge to enjoy a martini while surrounded by twinkling stars and city lights.

Royal Crown is open Mon-Sat 11:30 am-2 pm, 5 pm-9pm; Sun 9:30 am-2:30 pm, 5 pm-8:30 pm.

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