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Shepherd’s Pie

Chef/Owner Gerard Fletcher
Shannon’s Irish Pub and Eatery

Use a star tip piping bag to get restaurant fancy with presentation.


1 lb ground lamb
2 medium carrots, diced and cooked
3/4 cup fresh peas
1 cup 36% cream (reduced by half)
1 lb russet potatoes (fully cooked and mashed until smooth)
salt and pepper, to taste
1-2 cloves of garlic, chopped


1. For gravy, roast beef or lamb bones at 425°F until brown, then pour off fat. In a pot, cover roasted bones with water and bring to a boil for 5 minutes, then simmer for 3 hours.
Remove bones and reduce liquid by half, thickening with flour. Season to taste.

2. In a pan, sauté ground lamb with fresh garlic, salt and pepper until fully cooked.

3. Set lamb aside. Add cooked carrots and peas, and return to heat. Add 1/2 cup of gravy and bring to a boil.

4. In a sauté pan, heat mashed potato with cream until hot.

5. Using a spoon or spatula, fill a medium-sized star tip piping bag with mixture.

6. Place lamb mix in 4 oven-safe bowls, and let stand until settled. Pipe potato mix over top.

7. Set bowls on a baking tray and place in 375°F oven. Bake until golden brown (around 10 minutes).

8. Pour hot gravy over top or serve on the side.

Yield 4 servings

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