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Smoked Meat

Not Afraid to Brisket

Chef Jon Hochman
Sherbrook Street Deli

Smoked Meat
Let your hard work shine: meat this good needs only a swipe of mustard and some thick cut rye.


2 L water
1 1/2 cup kosher salt, divided
1 cup pickling spice
2 Tbsp sugar
2 cups curing salt
12 lbs beef brisket
2 cups coarse ground black


1. Combine water, 1 cup kosher salt, pickling spice, and sugar and bring to a boil. Remove pot from heat and allow brine to come to room temperature. Cool in refrigerator overnight to ensure all flavours are properly steeped.

2. Whisk curing salt into the brine. Place brisket into a Ziploc bag and gently add the brine, removing as much air as possible so that the brisket is fully covered. Store in refrigerator for 14 days.

3. Remove brisket and discard brine. Place brisket on baking sheet and evenly coat in coarse ground peppercorns and 1/2 cup kosher salt, rubbing the meat well.

4. In a smoker or on a grill over indirect heat, smoke brisket at 200˚F for up to 12 hours, or until fork tender.

Yield 12 lb brisket


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