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Pizza Dough

by Chef Eric Lee of Pizzeria Gusto

Pizza dough by Chef Eric Lee of Pizzeria Gusto

Pizzeria Gusto is known for its wood-fired pizzas, crafted from simple yet delicious so-called peasant dough as it’s made with just four ingredients. Unlike the home oven, wood-fired ovens can reach nearly 800 degrees and cook pizzas in two minutes or less. What follows is not Pizzeria Gusto’s exact recipe, but Chef Eric Lee came up with one that is very, very close.

Note: Make dough at least a day in advance.

4 cups bakers flour
4 tsp kosher salt
2 tsp fresh yeast
13 ounces water
Olive oil

Yield: about 4 balls of dough


1. Combine the yeast and water in your stand mixer bowl with the dough hook attachment. Mix and let sit for 2 mins.
Mix the flour and the yeast.


3. Add the dry ingredients to the wet, and mix on speed 1, for 6 mins. The finished dough should pull away from the sides, but not the bottom of the mixing bowl. If the dough clings to the bowl’s sides, sprinkle a teaspoon of flour, and continue mixing. Repeat as needed until the sides of the bowl are clean.


4. Turn dough out onto lightly floured surface and divide into four even balls.
5. Lightly oil the dough balls.
6. Place each in a covered quart-sized deli container or in a zipper-lock freezer bag. Place in refrigerator and allow to rise at least 24 hours.
7. Remove from refrigerator, shape into balls, and allow to rest at room temperature for at least 1 hour before baking.


8. Stretch dough out to desired size.


9. Add desired toppings.

10. For a Pizzeria Gusto-style pie, place pizza on a on a pizza stone and bake in an oven set to as high a temperature as you’re comfortable with, approx 8 mins. "I’ve heard of cooking them on a pizza stone on a barbeque," Chef Eric adds. "I haven’t done it, but I think the flavour would be great."



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