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Sugared Grapes Centerpiece

Sugared Grapes Centerpiece

Dessert Sinsations  & Design
Barbara O’Hara

The red and green grapes must be blemish free and smell fresh. Wash grapes and dry thoroughly before sugaring. The process is easier if done by two people.

2 egg whites
2 large bunches red and green seedless grapes
2 cups berry sugar

1. In a large bowl, place two egg whites that are stirred, not foamy, and at room temperature. In a second bowl, pour  berry sugar.
2. Grab a palm-sized clump of grapes by the stem and lightly coat with egg white, covering all surface area of fruit. Shake off excess egg whites.
3. Hold egg white covered grapes over bowl of berry sugar. Still holding grapes by the stem, use a spoon to gently sprinkling berry sugar overtop. Do not over sugar or fruit will become clumpy.
4. Once grapes are evenly covered with sugar, place on parchment paper and let dry.
5. Once dry, place immediately into a bowl, compote or glass holder to serve.

Yield 2 bunches grapes

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