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Neighbourhood: Osborne Village
191 Osborne St
Phone: (204) 633-6907
Entrees: $7-$13

Over the past decade Sukhothai has become a mainstay in Osborne Village, and with a recent expansion the eatery has grown from 50 to 100 seats. The dining room is tastefully decorated in muted shades of beige. Customers dine by flickering candlelight, two window-lined walls offer street level glimpses of the diverse cast of passersby in the bustling walking district.

You can’t go wrong ordering any of the signatures we did.

Look to any appetizer that comes with famous house peanut sauce (we suggest getting an extra portion too). The nutty, coolness of this addictive condiment enhances stuffed chicken wings, which are a piece of magic themselves. Plump and gigantic, these boneless wings are stuffed with a tangle of savoury ground chicken breast and silver noodles then deep-fried to crispy golden perfection.

Lettuce wraps arrive as a huge platter of colourful, fresh sweet red bell pepper, cucumber and carrots, bean sprouts, cilantro, rice noodles and skewers of tender grilled sweet pork. Half a head of lettuce and a dish of honey and chile-laced fish sauce complete this hands on starter.

Kaeng Phet (red curry and coconut milk soup) swimming with tender pink shrimp playfully teases taste buds with alternating piquant chile and soothing coconut milk. Laden with broccoli, baby corn, asparagus, bamboo and distinct Thai basil, the dish itself satisfies as a meal.

Papaya salad is extra spicy, so dial down the heat a notch or two for this one. A truly unique texture, comparable to al dente pasta, is achieved when the fruit is sliced in long ‘noodles’ and mixes with the spicy citrus dressing. Acidic tomato takes on chile spice while creamy cashews momentarily squelch heat (water won’t help you here).

An order of coconut rice sprinkled with sesame seeds is another delectable way of mitigating spice levels.

Mee Krob is a sweet and sour sauced stir fry of broccoli, cauliflower, baby corn, carrots and onions served atop a bale of crispy fried rice noodles. As the sauce soaks through the dish, noodles take on flavour and its texture transforms.

Sukhothai is open Tue-Sun 3 pm-10 pm.

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