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Neighbourhood: Fort Garry
Address: B-1480 Pembina Hwy
Phone: 204-474-1444
Entrees: $16-$26

Red velvet, black wood and silhouetted walls make Tryst Eatery and Liquid Lounge a sultry escape from the chill of midwinter.

The sexy atmosphere of this Pembina hideaway was the spark for Chef Kyle Arneson’s imagination. His chic menu is especially strong with starters. Chef Kyle’s time at The Current nurtured an emphasis on regional foods. As a seasonal firefighter, he knows what’s needed to keep the home fires burning.

It’s not just Tryst’s name that conjures up images of couples nuzzling in candlelit corners. Upon entering, a quixotic mood is unpreventable. The walls are lined with cozy tables, each with a miniature lamp that casts a warm and flattering light. The lover’s den ambience bodes well for couples or groups wanting close conversation in a modish setting.

The portobello fries are a distinctive chef signature unlike anything else in the city. Boat-like wedges of the monolithic mushroom are marinated in zesty citrus flavours, then fried in a crisp tempura batter. A rustic marinara dipping sauce and bold asiago shavings add an Italian twist.

A portly wheel of brie swims in a cheery apple and rhubarb coulis. The cinnamon and apple flavours bring a comforting feel to this appetizer. Spread across crusty toast, the cheese has a taste combination that is like submerging the palate into an ultra-rich apple pie.

Pesto noir exudes real sex appeal. A generous tangle of squid ink linguine gleams in a buttery pistachio pesto sauce and is crowned with gigantic sautéed prawns. The delicate seafood is given backbone through the support of this deliciously eccentric pasta.

Wild-caught coho salmon is a fresh and appealing alternative to the more common pink varieties. The large, silvery cut of fish bows over a bed of milk-white basmati rice and vibrant seasonal vegetables. An understated lemon dill butter adds just the right amount of citrus before dissipating to reveal the natural flavours of this flaky fish.

The bartender in the upstairs lounge makes a mean martini to augment the wines on the libation list. The signature Trystini is a sexy crimson cocktail. This slow-sipped nightcap is the perfect way to end your rendezvous.

Tryst is open Wed-Sat 5 pm-2 am; Sun 5-11 pm.

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