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Neighbourhood: Osborne Village
Address: 472 Stradbrook Ave
Phone: 888-1001
Entrées: $9-$15

With gourmet toppings; fresh, locally sourced ingredients; healthy twists and a stylized interior, Unburger pushes the all-American cuisine to 21st-century heights.

From the divine burger mash-ups to the street-chic decor and down to the printed Unburger philosophy cards slipped in each napkin holder, every detail has been precisely executed in this Osborne Village eatery.

Inside, you’ll find fresh, extra lean Manitoba beef. Manitoba chicken burgers are made with all-white breast meat. Toppings are sourced locally whenever possible. And the ciabatta and multi-grain buns are all made in-house.

The impressive, mod interior showcases the eatery’s eat-right, eat-well philosophy. White walls are adorned with cheeky expressions like “Milk isn’t the only thing that does your body good” painted in black.

Soda pop is served in retro bottles while kooky figurines act as table markers. Single light bulbs strung on red cords and white and black seating give Unburger a cohesive yet minimalist look.

There is nothing minimal about the food.

‘Bold’ best describes the zippy toppings found in the Blue & Gold burger. Funky blue cheese and gentle chipotle aioli dominated this ode-to-the-Bombers burger that was also topped with tangy balsamic onions.

The Tropic of Thunder grilled chicken breast burger zinged with savoury flavour from a melted slice of Bothwell cheddar, thick-cut double smoked bacon and a smear of tangy chipotle mayo. Juicy pieces of pineapple dripped with palate-pleasing sweetness.

Lettuce leaves can be subbed in as a gluten-free bun option, as with the divine vegetarian falafel burger. The crispy, flash-fried patty housed a creamy chickpea mixture. A fiery banana pepper salsa bumped the spice meter, while a dollop of lemon oregano yogurt, lettuce and tomato cooled it down with subtle herbaceous taste.

Sides such as fragrant sweet curry salt edamame and Asian slaw dressed in a light rice vinaigrette deliver both garden-fresh taste. Indulge in some of the best fries in town. These skin-on, hand-cut French fries pair well with the balanced, house-made rosemary-garlic dip.

Unburger is open Mon-Sat 11 am-10 pm; Sun noon-9 pm.


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