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  Beaujena’s French Table Beaujena’s French Table is the definition of a passion project. The cozy St Boniface restaurant helmedRead More2016 Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Reviews - April - May 2015

Restaurant Reviews – April – May 2015

Era Bistro Neighbourhood: The Forks                                                                            Manitoba Lamb Loin Address: 85 Israel Asper Way Phone: 204‑289‑2190 Entrees: $19-$33 Located in the newlyRead MoreRestaurant Reviews – April – May 2015

Neighbourhood: Osborne Village Address: 159 Osborne St Phone: 204-888-0028 Entrees: $4.50-$18 (2014 review) You’d be hard-pressed to find the selectionRead MoreNaru Sushi

Neighbourhood: West End Address: 856 Ellice Ave Phone: 204-661-8888 Entrees: $8-$14 (2014 review) Though many family-run Vietnamese eateries populate theRead MorePho Kim Tuong

Neighbourhood: River Heights Address: 1433 Corydon Ave Phone: 204-487-4440 Entrees: $13-$23 Bonfire Bistro, on a quiet section of Corydon inRead MoreBonfire Bistro

Neighbourhood: West End Address: 984 Sargent Ave Phone: 204-783-6231‎ Entrees: $10-$24 All senses are engaged as the red-and-white checkered curtainRead Morecasa grande pizzeria

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