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Chocolate Strawberries

Owner/Chocolatier Helen Staines
Decadence Chocolate

Edible gold leaf flakes add a luxe touch to this romantic classic.



1 pkg large strawberries
2 cups dark chocolate
2 cups white chocolate
1/4 cup plain cocoa butter
10 drops coloured cocoa butter
24 wood skewers
Polystyrene foam
Saran wrap


1. Cut skewers to approximately 3 1/2” in length. Stick into saran wrapped polystyrene foam at 2” intervals. Cut stem off each strawberry to leave a flat base. Skewer top of strawberry to keep flat base on top.

2. In three separate microwaveable bowls (dark chocolate for base colour, two white chocolate for accent colours), break all chocolate into small, evenly sized pieces.

3. Add 1 Tbsp + 1 tsp of plain cocoa butter to each chocolate bowl to increase fluidity.

4. Temper each bowl of chocolate in microwave, bringing the dark chocolate to 32°C and the white chocolate to 29°C.

5. Separate white chocolate into 2 bowls. Tint one bowl with desired coloured cocoa butter.

6. Pour 3 different chocolates into disposable piping bags (or Ziploc bags with ends cut for small hole to pipe chocolate through).

7. Pipe dark chocolate over each strawberry so it runs down the sides and drips onto saran wrap. Repeat with the other 2 chocolate colours.

8. Allow chocolate to set. Remove strawberries from the skewers and sit on a flat base. Decorate the hole left by the skewer with a drop of chocolate, or add edible gold leaf with tip of a knife.


Yield 20 strawberries

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