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Feb/Mar 2015
Fiesty on IceChef Mandel Hitzer of deer + almond harnesses free spirited energy into border-crossing tastes and boundary-pushing culinary adventures.
Apr/May 2015
For Cake’s SakeFearless, young entrepreneur Pam Kirkpatrick hangs out her cake-shaped shingle in the city’s arts and culture neighbourhood, building a business as creative as it is sweet.

Feb/Mar 2014
fire in the bellyBangkok Thai strikes sweet harmony amid fiery mouthfuls.
Apr/May 2014
pioneering pâtisserieChef Danilo Pamintuan, and his platoon of bakers, are bringing tastes of the world to Piazza de Nardi.
June/July 2014
prairie landscapeManitoba Regional Cuisine uses indigenous and locally grown ingredients.
Aug/Sep 2014
Manitoba MuseGood Food Manitoba 2014, Restaurant of the Year – Fude Inspired Cuisine and Wine Bar.
Oct/Nov 2014
Secrets of the SauceThe city’s toniest steakhouse shows us how a dedication to quality ingredients and detailed preparation keep the classics fresh.
Dec/Jan 2014
Sweet SuccessBy satisfying peoples’ sweet tooth, Fred Morden and his family put smiles on the faces of young and old throughout the entire year.

Feb/Mar 2013
a taste of homeChef Stéphane Wild brings the comfort food of Alsace to Winnipeg’s French Quarter at Bistro Chez Sophie
Apr/May 2013
say it with cakeWinnipeggers have been celebrating their biggest moments with Baked Expectations for 30 years
June/July 2013
a lesson in lessChef Adam Donnelly of Segovia’s masterful dishes deliver more than meets the eye
Aug/Sep 2013
cooking with gustoGood Food Manitoba 2012, Restaurant of the Year – Pizzeria Gusto
Oct/Nov 2013
old world oasisChef Paul Vocadlo soothes souls with down-home Eastern European comfort food
Dec/Jan 2013
class in sessionPeer into the classroom kitchen of Jane’s Restaurant

Feb/Mar 2012
an affair toremember

Chef Neil Higginson marries the past with the present at Fort Gibraltar

Apr/May 2012
out of thebox baking


Pastry Chef Richard Warren and his team at The Fort Garry Hotel deliver divine desserts for scores of guests.

June/July 2012
sunny dispositionChef Alexander Svenne plays host to an eternal kitchen party at

Bistro 7 1/4

Aug/Sep 2012
a rising empire


Good Food Manitoba 2012, Restaurant of the Year – Stella’s Café and Bakery

Oct/Nov 2012



Chef Tristan Foucault turns trash to culinary treasure at Peasant Cookery

Dec/Jan 2012
for the loveof cooking

Chef Anna Paganelli wins the hearts through stomachs at De Luca’s Cooking School

Jun/Jul 2011
musical chairs


With culinary influences from his working holiday in England and Winnipeg roots, Chef Darryl Riddle hits a high note in his career at live music venue Le Garage Café

Aug/Sep 2011
a fresh approach


Ciao! magazine’s annual awards for producer, retailer and restaurant celebrate the creative use of regional ingrediants

Oct/Nov 2011
viva the difference


With authentic recipes, trendy cuisine and the force of family, Viva Restaurant raises the bar for Vietnamese dining

Dec/Jan 2011
buenos aires on the prairiesBuenos Aires on the Prairies Chef Michael Day delivers sophisticated South American cuisine at Hermanos





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