Ciao!Cooks The Chocolate Challenge

Taking candy bars to a whole new level

Sweet, salty, chewy and everything in between, chocolate bars are the perfect sweet treat for many, with an embarrassment of options to choose from. Local bakers chef Sophon Chhin of S Squared Pâtisserie and Eileen Manalo of Caked with Love Co. take chocolate bars to task on a daily basis, reconstructing favourite pairings in pastry. They share a few recipes that showcase these popular treats in exceptional ways. 

Photography by: Ian McCausland

S Squared Pâtisserie

Rocher Choux

Dessert – Rocher Choux

Turtles Entremet

Dessert – Turtles Entremet

Caked with Love Co.

Dark Chocolate Bounty Cake

Dessert – Dark Chocolate Bounty Cake

Monster Cookie Dough Bites

Dessert- Monster Cookie Dough Bites

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