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New Restaurant Reviews

New Restaurant Reviews

Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant

Sourdough flatbread made with teff flour is the back-bone of nearly every Ethiopian dish, acting as the canvas for colourful wots (stews) and buttery tibs (sautéed meats) at West End eatery Gojo.

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Aurora Pizzeria and Cafe

Aptly lodged in the bustling strip of Little Italy, Aurora Pizzeria and Café is the place to go for unpretentious, authentic Italian. The owners, a first-generation Roman family, have brought their unique touch (and crisp crusts!) to Winnipeg’s richly populated Italian community.

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Loft 180

Loft 180, the hot new second-floor lounge at McPhillips Station Casino, is raising the stakes for casino dining. While a quality spot to grab a drink and take a break from gaming, this restaurant also draws diners with Chef Jamie Briones’ exciting, and somewhat twisted, takes on multi-culti dishes.

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The Roost

Among the treetops perches a quaint, whimsical spot where friends gather over glitter dusted glasses and tables adorned with elegant  eats. Everything about the small space feels enchanted and inviting, from cozy nook seating surrounded by birch trees, to a dark granite bar lined with spirit rarities, appearing more like magic potions than bottles of liquor.

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Wet & Dry Dept

Promptly at 7 pm, electronic beats begin to float through the air, drawing guests up a heritage building staircase to gather at Wet & Dry Department. This late-night lounge is The Mitchell Block’s rebranded sister restaurant, and while springing from the same DNA as the Mediterranean-inspired resto, it is clear that this sibling is young, hip and blazing its own trail.

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