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Restaurant Reviews February-March 2018 Muddy Waters Eatery

Muddy Waters Eatery

Neighbourhood: The Forks
Address: 15 Forks Market Rd
Phone: 204-947-6653
Entrées: $7-$33

A staple in the American South, great barbeque is elusive in the True North. When seeking piles of smoky, tender meat and tangy sauce, one of Winnipeg’s best bets is Muddy Waters Eatery. This riverside restaurant has been slinging saucy, meaty dishes since the day it opened in 1998.

Settled in the bustling centre of The Forks, Muddy Waters features a front row view of Winnipeg’s historic hot spot through its arch of windows. The cold months welcome guests to warm up next to the fireplace and gaze out at the many winter festivities. The skating rink under the canopy, just a few feet away, serves as inspiration for after-dinner activity.

Here, cold couples ignite a chilly date night by sharing hot comfort foods. Tender baby back ribs, a long-time staple for barbeque joints,  slide off the bone to reveal a beautiful pink hue underneath its charred exterior. The coating of the sweet, thick house bbq sauce is just enough to complement the pork without leaving too much of a mess in front of one’s beloved.

Warm and filling beef dishes can be found on every section of the menu.  A hearty bowl of chili begs to be ordered with an extra spoon. The Reuben sandwich packs a punch of flavours with house-smoked corned beef piled under sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing, and Swiss cheese all stacked between two slices of grilled marble rye. Meatloaf, a benchmark of comfort food, is straightforward: lean and tender, accentuated by its side of house-made gravy.

Fried chicken deserves a standing ovation with three juicy, well-seasoned pieces making up the entrée portion. The buttermilk batter coating the meat is crispy and light, adding crunch to every bite. House-made coleslaw, a classic companion to fried chicken, complements the savoury main with the sweet and tangy flavour of Miracle Whip.

The pecan pie tart is an excellent way to end on a sweet note, arriving with a scoop of whipped cream and vanilla ice cream at its side. Smooth and gooey caramel contrasts the crunch of pecans so well that it’s impossible to have just one bite.

Muddy Waters is open daily from 11am – 11pm.

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