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Best Patios in Winnipeg

Your Winnipeg summer patio guide to the 40 top patios in the city

Listed alphabetically

529 Wellington’s lucky location sets its
tables on a manicured back lawn adjacent
Assiniboine River. As if smart and beautiful
food weren’t enough!

Cocktails with a view of the skyline are
on the menu at The Allen Restaurant’s
rooftop patio.

The Beachcomber’s expansive bar and
patio offers people watching and a million
dollar view at the fork of the Red and
Assiniboine Rivers.

Open wide for gargantuan size taqueria
fare at a rare front lawn table at Corydon’s
Burrito Del Rio.

Soak up the sun on the patio of
Café 22’s newly renovated Corydon Ave

Café La Scala is a perennial favourite
sidewalk spot to graze and gawk at the
beautiful people walking by.

Order up your nachos and margaritas
because Carlos & Murphy’s, outdoor
hotspot is muy caliente.

Carnaval’s Waterfront Drive location
offers premium views of the river, Stephen
Juba Park, and the Canadian Museum for
Human Rights.

Across from well treed Provencher
Park, Chaise Lounge Café welcomes with
its home-style deck spilling over with

Cibo Waterfront Cafe virtually hangs
over the Red River at the end of a short
stroll down Waterfront Drive through
Stephen Juba Park.

Enjoy a baseball game and river view
from Clay Oven’s best seats overlooking
Shaw Park.

Colosseo, a Corydon Avenue landmark
for Italian food lovers, serves a view of
street life with its spaghetti.

Confusion Corner Bar & Grill’s
retractable roof blends outdoor fun with
protection from the elements.

East Exchange District’s Corrientes
offers a street side seat amidst historical
architecture and nightlife.

The Fyxx Espresso Bar offers a front row
seat to Broadway’s lunchtime food truck
action with a comfortable chair to enjoy it.

Step through the gate to a brick-lined
patio oasis at In Ferno’s Bistro.

Cobblestones, shade trees and
umbrellas at The Keg on Garry Street
transform this tony destination into a
restful place to sip something cold.

Front street side tables and a more private
courtyard space make Mano a Mano a
two-for-one Italian fix on the busy Corydon strip.

Mona Lisa’s sidewalk cafe delivers
Italian family recipes with so much love
homesick travelers will think they have
been adopted.

Watch water buses come and go from
Muddy Water’s Smokehouse and lower bar.
Better yet, cap off your finger lickin pig out
by hopping aboard one.

A suburban sidewalk patio is
transformed into a lush floral setting for
sipping and savouring at South Winnipeg’s

Considering The Original Pancake House had us
at “pancakes” it is mighty generous of them
to offer all day sunny side seating in the
center of the Forks action.

The Park Café’s hidden secret garden
offers fireside seating on cool evenings.

The people-watching is as fun as the food
and drinks at Peasant Cookery across from
the lively Old Market Square Stage.

For those seeking a Mexican resort state
of mind the palapas at Pier 7 Pony Corral
have you covered rain or shine. Fire pit
seating takes care of cool nights too.

Sitting beside Birds Hill Park, Pineridge
Hollow is surrounded by lush forest and all
the furry critters that live in it.

Kick back beneath red umbrellas and
stylish sofas and enjoy a Pizzeria Gusto
gourmet slice of street-side heaven.

Arguably the most stunning sunset view
of downtown Winnipeg can be snapped
and uploaded from a seat at Promenade
Cafe & Wine.

Inside admire the design details of this
100 year old train station, outside enjoy
Resto Gare’s artsy décor, gorgeous flowers
and live jazz.

Mexican eatery La Roca’s double-decker
downtown patio has room for both streetside
people watchers and rooftop-loving city

The largest urban patio in the city, Rudy’s
Eat & Drink is a stylish space that makes
every hour happy.

Chef Adam Donnelly’s beautiful
presentations draw foodies and beauties
alike to the hip and stylish patio of Segovia.

Smith’s contemporary and comfy seating
creates a relaxing space amidst the buzz of
The Forks.

Flowers, and shrubbery contribute to the
sweet scent of Stella’s fresh baking.

The best combination of indoor and
outdoor dining can be found at Sydney’s
Fine Dining at The Forks in its upscale

Retreat to the serene rooftop sculpture garden at the Winnipeg Art Gallery while lunching at Table.

Tavern United’s rooftop sofas offer a
soft spot to relax after a day pounding the
pavement downtown.

A view of turn-of-the-century
architecture is combined with a point of
view unfolding at the Winnipeg Free Press

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