Best Global Pancakes

  Pancakes have taken myriad forms around the world. It seems that nearly every culture has its own time-honoured version of a thin, cake-like dish cooked on a griddle.

Best Food Trucks in Winnipeg

Best Food Trucks in Winnipeg

The annual flood of food trucks onto summer streets shows no sign of slowing down. Our favourite meals on wheels are packing out Broadway every weekday, and this year, a new ‘food truck alley’ along Israel Asper Way has everyone meeting at The Forks. Owning a food truck has proved to be a great way […]

Best Patios in Winnipeg

Your Winnipeg summer patio guide to the 40 top patios in the city

Best Vegetarian Dishes

Whether you dabble occasionally or fully commit to garden greens, these stand out vegetarian dishes will satisfy even voracious appetites.

Best Soups

Satay beefsoup by Thanh-Huong

As the season changes tuck into broth-taking super bowls.

Best Sandwiches

Banh Mi sandwich by Viva Vietnamese Restaurant

Sandwich legend has the bread-bound dish invented by John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, as a one-handed solution to sustenance while playing cards.

Best Desserts

Winnipeg has its share of sweet spots to indulge, from specialty places to restaurants that execute after-dinner delights exceptionally well.

Best Rooms With A View

Resto Gare

This city has its share of dining options in notable places, including our most illustrious park and our most infamous intersection.

Best Breakfast


Lingering over coffee and eggs in a sunlit café with a pal or the paper is a certain, simple and shared pleasure and Winnipeg is spoiled when it comes to delightful daybreakers.

Best Luxe Dining

The Fort Garry Hotel

While Winnipeggers are known to hunt for bargains, we also know how to indulge.

Best Ethnic Markets

La Grotta Mediterranean Market

Winnipeg’s multicultural citizens are well represented by a number of markets that import exotic ingredients and prepare ethnic specialties on site.