Food Sources – Chaeben Ice Cream

Premium Pints Local company masters the art of ice cream. By Sarah Ritchie Even before first taste, it is clear that husband-and-wife-duo Joseph Chaeban and Zainab Ali are passionate about ice cream. Behind the doors of 390 Osborne Street, Chaeban Ice Cream offers a level of luxe unexpected for an ice cream shop. A white […]

Food Sources – Smak Dab

the magic of mustard Manitoba mustard adds flavour to the market. By Kelsey Schaefer Many of Manitoba’s culinary products are born because of small-town cooks-turned-entrepreneurs. But when a Red Seal Chef transforms a commonly overlooked crop into a food production business like nothing before, it’s worth taking a deeper look. Carly Minish-Wytinck saw an opportunity […]

Food Sources – OMG’s

Choconomics Local chocolatiers take on the international market. By Christopher Hunter In the last decade, a new sector emerged in Canada’s three billion dollar chocolate market: mid-priced take-home treats. Nestlé Canada, Cadbury and Hershey maintained a monopoly in this sector, unchallenged until Winnipeg chocolatiers, Larry Finnson and Chris Emery,  seized the opportunity. Finnson and Emery […]

Food Sources

Packaging Bar - Cocoa Hemp Almond

Entrepreneurial Adventures – A Winnipeg farmer ventures into the energy bar industry. By Christopher Hunter

Food Sources – In Praise of Pork

Berkshire Pigs, photo courtesy of the Cavers family.

in praise of pork – The Cavers’ successful, holistic approach to sustainable agriculture yields exceptional pork and industry inspiration

Food Sources – Goat Milk?

Goat Milk? The grass that led to grazing

Food Sources – Berry Believers

Solberry sea buckthorn berries - Deseeding process at The Food Development Centre, Portage la Prairie.

Berry Believers – Humble shelterbelt finds new purpose as Manitoba’s miracle berry.

Food Sources – Top Tomatoes

Hot Tomatoes

Top Tomatoes Robust flavour and nearly year-round availability set Greenland Gardens’ cucumbers and tomatoes apart