IntheKitchen – World Flavour

Taste your way across the map, no passport required! By Jessie Schmidtke Take a flavour trip around the world through Winnipeg’s swinging culinary scene, a hub for multi-cultural eats. Local chefs cook traditional and trendy dishes inspired by their cultures in quaint, homey spaces or lively digs. To add some global influence to the table […]

Phingky Fuentes – Pinky’s Bakeshop

Flavour Fusion Behind closed doors, Pinky’s Bakeshop is whipping up a new, modern concept: high-end pâtisserie spiked with South Asian tastes. By Sarah Ritchie Phingky Fuentes never dreamed of owning her own business. She simply knew she loved to bake and wanted to make it her career. First introduced to Western-style baking when her family […]

Randy Reynolds – Beaujena’s French Table

Trust the Chef Chef Randy Reynolds’ surprise menus excite the adventurous and push cautious diners out of their culinary comfort zone. By Carly Peters Chef Randy Reynolds sets down a plate on which pink smoked salmon is neatly stacked as a square tart, just warm enough to be offset by a smear of cool, fresh […]

In The Kitchen Thomas Stuart – RESTÖ at Thermëa

Nurture in Nature Chef Thomas Stuart rounds out a day of relaxation with soul-nourishing comfort food. By Matthew Kruchak Chef Thomas Stuart strolls through the dining room of the restaurant at Thermea by Nordik Spa-Nature, leading the Ciao! team on a visit to sample his inventive dishes. They pass diners in plush white bathrobes enjoying […]

Jackie Hildebrand – Hy’s Steakhouse

No Bark, All Bite Hard work and a hands-on approach have reaped rewards for chef Jackie Hildebrand. By Kaitlin Vitt For many, the adage “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” seems like farfetched advice. Life gets in the way, and passion fades to hobby, if anything at all. That’s […]

Calvin Truong and Team- Kyu Bistro

Fast Fusion With revelatory street food and fresh interpretations at hip eateries, the Kyu empire has taken Asian fusion fast-cas to new heights. By Shel Zolkewich Calvin and Melody Truong sit at a black lacquered table inside Kyu Bochi, taking a short break at the Logan Avenue restaurant, the most recent addition to their family […]

Wayne Martin – Capital Grill & Bar

Chef of the Every Man Chef Wayne Martin’s Capital Grill and Bar melds west coast finesse with prairie city authenticity. By Teena Legris Tucked away in a quiet, suburban neighbourhood strip mall amidst a handful of notable food franchises is the blue calm of Capital Grill and Bar. The prized gem of Charleswood, housed on […]

Helen Staines – Decadence Chocolates

Sweet Dreams Chocolatier Helen Staines has transformed what was once a sweet hobby into a flourishing business and art form. By Teena Legris Popping into the Sherbrook Street chocolate shop Decadence Chocolates is a delight for the senses. The heady aroma of freshly baked chocolate chunk cookies drifts through the air as loyal chocoletes browse […]

In The Kitchen Pop Artists

  Pop Artists Winnipeg chefs showcase Filipino cuisine in contemporary culinary works of art at pop-up dinner events. By Teena Legris A transformation has taken place. Hours after the close of regular service, a restaurant space is awash in dim, moody lighting, the air buzzing with anticipation. Eager diners who marked their calendars weeks in […]

Alfonso Maury – Corrientes

All in the Family At Corrientes, happiness is shared like pizza between friends. By Shel Zolkewich Chef Alfonso Maury waves his arm across the exposed brick wall of his Exchange District restaurant, where a collection of photographs tells the story of his youth. The 8 x 10s show Maury with rock stars, politicians and a […]

Deang Capuno, Steven Strecker, Dan Coombs, Santy Foster, and Angela Farkas – Era Bistro

Team Effort by Joelle Kidd The Canadian Museum for Human Rights holds many distinctions: it is the first national museum outside of Ottawa, as well the first museum in the world to focus entirely on the study and advancement of human rights. It is also part of a new breed of museum that extends its […]

Nathalie Gautier – L’epi de blé

 By Arvel Gray Sweet delicacies are having a moment in the sun, from the macaron explosion originating in Europe to SoHo’s towering, candy crusted shakes. Yet for Nathalie Gautier and her husband, Gilles, Instagram-worthy desserts are not a fleeting trend but a representation of years of hard work mastering time honoured techniques. Their bustling Main […]

Cam Tran – Café Ce Soir

French With A Twist Big dreams, high ideals, and a sweet small space to share them by Arvel Gray   Chef owner Cam Tran proudly shares his passion for cooking in bold, black script on the back wall of Café Ce Soir: Le Bonheur est dans la Cuisine – happiness is in the kitchen. The […]

Norm Pastorin – Cornerstone

A Place To Call Home At The Cornerstone, high calibre cooking in a comfortable setting shows how food creates common ground. By Arvel Gray Chef Norm Pastorin’s decision to enter the culinary world began with a hot dog. In 1999, the graduate of the Asper School of Business was working for an advertising agent in […]

Quentin Harty – RBC Convention Centre

Crowd Pleasing By Joelle Kidd At the RBC Convention Centre, serving hundreds of identical, impeccable plates is all in a day’s work. Clad in spick-and-span chefs’ whites and a towering toque blanche, chef Quentin Harty cuts an impressive figure. Kind, friendly, and professional, this executive chef wears decades of cooking experience on his sleeve. He […]

Ivan Valencia, Scott Malcolmson, Marc Priestly, Kyle Matheson – Nuburger

Flipping Burgers by Joelle Kidd With fresh, local ingredients, an eye on sustainability, and wild flavour combinations, Nuburger turns fast food on its head. Last year, the pastry chef at four-star rated New York restaurant Del Posto left his job. Weeks later, he was behind the counter in his own shop—not swirling spun sugar, or […]

Sean McKay – The Mitchell Block

Rustic Gastronomy Chef Sean McKay blends classic cuisine with modern tastes and flair Mitchell Block by Joelle Kidd In a thin prep kitchen tucked behind The Mitchell Block’s second floor lounge, chef Sean McKay emerges from a creaky shoebox of a wooden elevator – one of the quirks of doing business in a building constructed […]

Tony Chow, Hu Guoguang, Pan Yewen – North Garden Restaurant

Plays On Pickerel by Joelle Kidd North Garden’s Chinese renditions on our provincial fish have us hook, line, and sinker. It was 1988 when North Garden opened its doors. What was then a small and unassuming eatery tucked into a University Crescent strip mall has blossomed into a 130 seat space that churns out hundreds […]

Bill Georgakopoulos – Rae & Jerry’s

In Pursuit Of Appyness by Joelle Kidd Small bites are a big boon for business at one of the city’s longstanding dining institutions. As the holiday season approaches, Rae & Jerry’s becomes, even more than usual, a flurry of activity. The massive 330-seat space is a hive of excitement, with an adrenaline buzz leaking from […]

Scott Bagshaw – Enoteca

Pushing Palates By Joelle Kidd For chef Scott Bagshaw, the recipe for beautiful food begins with a vision and thousands of hours of hard work. Seated in front of the counter that breaks the space between Enoteca’s dining room and open kitchen, Scott Bagshaw has a camera pointed at his face, and is being urged […]

Retailer Of The Year 2015

Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen By Joelle Kidd While hip new startups have embraced local eating and heritage techniques, the folks behind Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen can truly say they were doing it before it was cool. 25 years after opening their first bakery, they continue to set the standard for local and environmentally responsible […]

Producer Of The Year 2015

Farmery Estate Brewery By Kathleen Cerrer Brothers Chris and Lawrence Warwaruk launched Farmery Estate Brewery as a way of sharing locally grown barley with communities both near and far. Since 2011, they have been brewing GMO-free premium lager sourced from the prairies, growing barley, wheat and hops. Though producing ingredients locally requires more man […]

Ben Kramer, Aron Epp, Kelly Cattani – Diversity Food Services

A Moveable Feast uwinnipeg,ca Ciao! magazine’s annual award for restaurant of the year celebrates the creative use of and dedication to regional ingredients.   By Joelle Kidd Have food; will travel. This could easily be the calling card of Diversity Food Services. This band of mobile mavericks has served fresh fare in school cafeterias, banquet […]

Tomas Sohlberg – Boon Burger

Plant Power By Joelle Kidd Boon Burger is giving Winnipeg a vegucation with upgraded versions of traditional burger hut favourites. It’s 12:30 on a Friday afternoon, and Boon Burger on Bannatyne is packed to capacity. The sunny space, sporting industrial touches of brick and steel alongside playful chalkboard drawings, is not a typical burger joint […]

Pam Kirkpatrick Cake-ology

Fearless, young entrepreneur Pam Kirkpatrick hangs out her cake-shaped shingle in the city’s arts and culture neighbourhood, building a business as creative as it is sweet.   By Arvel Gray On a frigid winter afternoon, the black lacquered doors at 85 Arthur Street push open, letting in a swath of icy air. A mother and […]

Mandel Hitzer of deer + almond

 Fiesty on Ice Chef Mandel Hitzer of deer + almond harnesses free spirited energy into border-crossing tastes and boundary-pushing culinary adventures.   By Arvel Gray “I fell in love with flavours at the age of nine,” Mandel Hitzer says. He fondly remembers his grandmother and mother filling the kitchen with the intoxicating aromas of bread […]

Fraser MacLeod – 529 Wellington

The city’s toniest steakhouse shows us how a dedication to quality ingredients and detailed preparation keep the classics fresh By Joelle Kidd Behind the hiss of searing meat and the sounds of knives chopping, the kitchen at 529 Wellington moves like a wound clock, each small part turning perfectly to keep things running smoothly. Since […]

Chris Fougere – Fude, Inspired Cuisine & Wine Bar

Ciao! magazine’s annual award restaurant celebrate the creative promotion and use of local ingredients By Dunja Kovacevic Twelve years ago, Chris Fougere left behind the security of corporate chain restaurants to set up shop in a second floor walk-up in Osborne Village, long before it was to be named Canada’s Best Neighbourhood. He slapped his […]

Fusion Grill, Amici, East India Company, In Ferno’s Bistro & Wasabu

   Manitoba Regional Cuisine uses indigenous and locally grown ingredients while incorporating the influences of more than forty cultures that call this province home; in short, food that reflects the land and its people. Our Cultural diversity is exemplified in a multitude of ethnic cuisines expertly prepared for local fans and has charted the epicurean […]

Danilo Pamintuan – La Grotta Mediterranean Market

Chef Danilo Pamintuan, and his platoon of bakers, are bringing tastes of the world to Piazza de Nardi. By Dunja Kovacevic Chef Danilo Pamintuan, known affectionately as Daniel around La Grotta Mediterranean Market, is a well travelled man. His illustrious career as a pastry chef began at a small bakery in the Philippines, at age […]